If you have never ridden or seen an Icelandic horse you are in for an exciting experience. One of the gentlest of horses, the Icelandic is known as the “horse of the Vikings.” For over a thousand years the breed was developed and maintained in isolation in Iceland of extremely pure stock.

Welcome to Windsong Icelandics where novices through experts of any discipline can enjoy the versatility of this wonderful breed.  Just like Olympic Dressage Rider, Bent Jensen, on his first ride on an Icelandic horse (pictured above) at Windsong in NM with owner Ulla Hudson.

Windsong Icelandics
Ulla Hudson Reitlehrer, German F.N. Trainer "A"
The Home For the Icelandic horse In North America,South of Santa Fe, East of Albuquerque, NM
733 State Road 344, Cedar Grove, Santa Fe, NM 87015, USA
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