To get the most from your gaited horse, lessons from an expert are well worth the money. Windsong Icelandics offers individual and group lesson as well as clinics.

Ulla has ridden Icelandics since she was five. She is a certified Riding Instructor by the German National Equestrian Federation (German F.N. Trainer "A" license). She is an experienced clinician at all levels through FEI. Ulla has the German Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals, and the USDF Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals. She has shown, ridden and trained horses from Training Level to Grand Prix. 

Windsong Icelandics
Ulla Hudson Reitlehrer, German F.N. Trainer "A"
The Home For the Icelandic horse In North America,South of Santa Fe, East of Albuquerque, NM
733 State Road 344, Cedar Grove, Santa Fe, NM 87015, USA
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