Icelandic Riding Suit (Coverall Coldy)

Riding Suit/Coverall Coldy

There is nothing better to keep you warm when riding in the winter than an Icelandic riding suit. 

Product information “Riding Suit/Coverall Coldy”


Many years of development work have been invested into the high-quality riding suit Coldy. Over the years, riders who use this overall have repeatedly given us suggestions on how to make it even better. The result is a riding suit, which fully meets the requirements of horseback riding.

Waterproof outer material and welded seams keep you dry and warm during winter. Our riding suit Coldy is characterized by high-quality, durable materials and the very best processing. The TorayDelfy ™ outer material from Sweden ensures that the overall is light, water- and windproof as well as breathable. It keeps you warm and dry, allows the body to breathe freely and still isolates excellently. The soft padding ensures optimal temperature regulation and wearing comfort and is also very resistant. This way you are optimally protected against cold, wind and weather.

Due to a range of waist sizes the riding suit is extremely comfortable for every body shape and offers a lot of freedom of movement. Three outer pockets, one inner pocket and a mobile phone pocket offer plenty of storage space and when unexpectedly caught in the rain, the rolled up hood in the collar provides sufficient protection. The overall is suitable for winter, the transitional period as well as all bad weather days all year round. It is recommended to wear functional underwear underneath. 


excellent heat insulation

windproof (100%)

waterproof (10,000 mm)

breathable (10,000 g/m²/24h)

very comfortable cut

high wearing comfort due to three different waist sizes

waterproof zipper

very light

"Cheap discounter goods often meet the minimum requirement of respiratory activity (1,000 to 1,500 g/m²/24h), but clothing that is worn during prolonged physical activity (work or sports) should have at least 3,000 g/m²/24h respiratory activity. With a respiratory activity of 5,000, one can speak of good respiratory activity; from 10,000 onwards, the respiratory activity can be described as very good." Source: GORETEX


reinforced and non-slip wear zones made of high-quality cordura material (high abrasion resistance)

rolled up hood in the collar

warm inner lining

ventilated armpits

adjustable sleeve and ankle cuffs

integrated elastic foot band at leg end

waterproof zippers

two long lateral zippers

three outside pockets and one inside pocket

Cell phone pocket on left arm and right inside

Washing recommendations:

The riding suit is machine washable up to 30 degrees.

For the B sizes (XS-B, S-B, M-B, L-B, XL-B and XXL-B)

the waistband is cut approximately 6 cm more widely and the widths of the limbs are proportionally adjusted. The size indications remain the same.

For the C sizes (XS-C, S-C, M-C, L-C, XL-C and XXL-C)

the waistband is cut approximately 12 cm more widely and the widths of the limbs are proportionally adjusted. The size indications remain the same.

Five out of five stars:

A customer said: "The coverall is absolutely super! I just went on a trail ride in Iceland for 5 hours during a storm with strong winds and continuous rain and stayed warm and dry”

Ulla’s tip: I have tried several riding coveralls and the “Coldy” has did come out on top! I personally love the fact that this suit  does not have a leather or imitation leather seat  which can and will get soaking wet when riding in rain or snow. It has many pockets and the zippers are waterproof. The suit is very lightweight and comfortable to wear and not just for riding horses but also for any other winter activity.

I have had mine for 10 years plus and it is still as good as new…..and yes, I am wearing it all winter long every year.

I also like the fact that it does not have a belt but an elastic waist which gives a plenty of room to move comfortably without feeling restricted. The sizing options are fantastic!

Five stars from me!!!!!!

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